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The Clinique Medical Optimizing Regimen. Results you can count on—down to a science.


Clinique Medical

The Optimizing Regimen was specifically formulated to help complement the benefits from select non-surgical cosmetic procedures such as chemical peels, microdermabrasion, and IPL and fractionated laser treatments.


The clinically proven formulas combine to help prepare you for your procedure, support your skin throughout the healing process and help complement results.


All formulas are:



Clinique Medical


Pre, Post, and Ongoing Care

The 5 products in the Optimizing Regimen will help you organize a helpful at-home routine surrounding cosmetic procedures.



Think of it as an at-home extension of your in-office experience.


Probiotic Technology

Patent-pending Probiotic Technology plays an important role in many of these products. Probiotics help maintain skin's barrier with natural lipids. When skin's barrier is compromised, it can slow the healing process and fuel excess irritation. Probiotics are especially valuable when skin is vulnerable.


Gentle Therapy with Calming Ingredients

From a cosmetic point of view, irritation fuels skin discoloration. This is a common and unwelcome effect after many procedures. These gentle formulas, enriched with antioxidants and other calming ingredients, help inhibit the appearance of discoloration and complement the benefits of your procedure.



The 5 products of Clinique Medical

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Probiotic Cleanser

This formula helps thoroughly remove debris and the most tenacious makeup while replenishing lipids to help support the healing process. more

Skin Conditioning Treatment

This lightweight formula helps condition and prepare skin pre procedure by exfoliating without irritation.more

Recovery Week Complex

This soothing formula helps manage visible redness and irritation and inhibit the appearance of skin discoloration post procedure.more

Optimizing Treatment Cream

This hydrating formula complements the benefits of a procedure by reducing the appearance of visible lines and wrinkles and improving brightness and radiance.more

Daily SPF 38

This non-irritating formula can be used daily to help protect against UVA and UVB rays and visibly repair and protect from damage caused by external aggressors.more